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Interested in a new constitution? Keep reading; otherwise, this platform may not be for you.

Proposals for the new Constitution

Reasons to petition for a new constitution. Our current constitution limits our rights to speech, expression, press, religion, assembly, and petition. On top of that, the constitution has restricted the government not to interfere with bill of rights issues toward private entities. This proposed constitution shall give more rights to the people and allow the government to interfere only if those private entities are infringing the rights of the people.

  1. First Amendment: Freedom of speech, expression, press, assembly, petition, vote, religion, liberty, political ideology, competition, privacy, commerce, trade, and doing business
  2. Private entities that provide services on the internet intended for public use shall not infringe on the rights of the people outlined in the Constitution; examples are social media, fact checkers, forum sites, banks, domain registrars, web hosting services, petition sites, email providers (free and paid), data storage providers, etc
  3. There shall be some form of protocol to encrypt your social security number
  4. There shall be no mail-in ballots nor closed source license software to vote for public representatives
  5. If possible, voting shall be done online
  6. Every public representative shall have term limits
  7. Your hashed key shall be your signature to sign a vote or a petition
  8. Second amendment: Right to own and bare weapons
  9. Your digital information for a service cannot be sent to another service unless the provider for that service owns both of the services
  10. If you no longer use a particular service provider, that service provider must delete your information only if that information contains transaction details
  11. Service providers cannot evade or restrict your access to their services if you owe them money; otherwise, you do not owe them money
  12. The government shall not send gifts to other nations unless it is related to war
  13. Our taxpayer money shall not be spent on frivolous projects
  14. Bills shall not exceed 10 pages, or the bill must be read and understood from everyone before the week of voting
  15. Higher education shall not hand out frivolous certificates and degrees

This petition shall have some expectations

Expect this petition will:

  1. Abolish the Constitution peacefully and constitutionally
  2. Establish a new government under your choice of leadership and structure
  3. Abolish the 3 branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial)
  4. Be an alternative solution to our problems without using force or violence
  5. Remove or payoff our national debt
  6. Become a threat to the government because they can't do anything about it
  7. Expose the great deception and corruption
  8. Prove we don't have a Consitution in an unprecedent manner

Expect this petition will not:

  1. Reinstate Trump back in office for a second term
  2. Overturn the election results
  3. Be an explosive evidence and truth bombshell to expose the government
  4. Overthrow the government
  5. Be an antisemitic, racist, cult, or virtue signaling movement
  6. Cleanse the White House
  7. Put an end to the Biden adminstration
  8. Give a title of Protector of the Constitution; only We the People give no such title

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